Meet Jackie

M.OT, B.A. Psych.

Occupational Therapist
Clinical Dementia Expert
Founder of Golden Aging Answers

Hi, I'm Jackie, an Occupational Therapist who's been specializing in Aging and Dementia Care for more than a dozen years now.

Working inside the healthcare system for a decade made it obvious to me how under-served and unsupported families were when they had a loved one with cognitive decline, but it really hit home for me when I saw how my own parents struggled when my grandparents were diagnosed with dementia.

I knew they - and every other family - could overcome the sense of helplessness and pain they felt if they just had the right support, so I created Golden Aging Answers to provide that support.

Now I focus on helping people whose aging parents are experiencing cognitive decline with practical, evidence-based information and strategies to support not only their parents' well-being, but also their own.